Magic Mike XXL Spray Tanning

What It’s Like To Spray Tan The Cast Of Magic Mike XXL


Yes, spray tanning Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, and Adam Rodriguez — the oft-half-naked and ridiculously ripped stars of the upcoming Magic Mike XXL — is an actual job, and a full-time “Seven Days A Week,” one at that. But, before you start giggling like a schoolgirl, and making double entendres, know that Felicia Linsky, the woman behind those bronzed, rock hard abs and glistening gluteal muscles, takes her job very seriously.

The veteran makeup, hair, and spray tan artist, who counts Brothers & Sisters and Parenthood on her résumé, understands the gravity of her responsibility to the film, and the importance of creating an environment of artistic trust. “It was my job to establish relationships with each of the men, so that they would be confident that I had their best interest at hand,” Linsky explains. (Yes, I may have giggled at that point, but, then I felt like a jerk because she’s just so sincere.)

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