Peta Murgatroyd: The Beauty Product Maksim Chmerkovskiy Steals From Me Is…

Peta Murgatroyd tells People Magazine about launching her Peta Jane Bronzing line with South Seas. Read the article online at:


For years, Dancing With the Stars’ Peta Jane Murgatroyd has been mesmerizing us with more than just her dance moves. Her eyes are always perfectly smoked, her hair intricately curled and her skin is always glowing. And about that glowing skin: She’s putting her years of experience having her legs exposed on national television towards creating a line of self-tanners. We sat down with the mom-to-be to learn all about her new Peta Jane self-tanning collection, her skincare secrets, and what beauty products her fiancé, DWTS co-star Maksim Chmerkovskiy, steals from her. Below, everything you need to know.

A lot of her beauty expertise comes from DWTS
“I could contour as well as makeup artists can do it — they’re so amazing at doing the highlight and contour, but I’ve learned to go around the ring of your face, and how to highlight the cheeks. And I never knew how to do eye shadow properly — how far to go up and stuff. So they showed me to put cardboard against my eyelid to make sure there’s a straight line.”

Her perfect-skin secret is in your kitchen…
“Skincare has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up with my mom moisturizing my face every day for school. And I’d go to school with a shiny face and everyone would make fun of me. But it paid off now, because having no Botox or Restalyne, I think I look pretty okay for 30. My regimen is pretty simple right now because I’m pregnant, but I’m honestly just using coconut oil all over my face at night, and in the morning I use Kate Somerville products.”

…And so is her go-to body treatment
What makes me feel good is exfoliating twice a week with a really gritty exfoliator. I make my own with sugar, oil and salt — you can just make your own scrub and it’s completely natural and good for your body. That invigorates me to start my day.”

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Massages are key to staying in shape
“I get massages twice a week sometimes, especially when I’m dancing. That makes my muscles feel good – you have to keep your body in tip top condition.”

And ice baths don’t hurt either
“Maks and [Valentin Chmerkovskiy] are Ukranian, so we go to this Russian spa – they have super hot saunas and you steam out any toxins and all of the heat that your body has generated throughout the week, and then you go sit in an ice bath and you cool it all down and it brings all the inflammation down. We do that twice a week when I’m not pregnant. I miss it so much – the ice tones your body.”

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The one product Maks steals from her is unexpected
“We’ve been using pretty much all-natural stuff now, but my mom brought over the Kai deodorant because I couldn’t find a natural deodorant that would last. And it actually worked and Max keeps stealing it from me – it works on a guy and he’s like, ‘This is amazing’ So we bought like 20 of them and we keep them around. I probably won’t go back to using normal deodorant.”

She’s had some major self-tanning mishaps…
The night before the finale of her first winning season with Donald Driver, “I put my hands on the walls of the spray tan booth because I was so exhausted I couldn’t hold myself up, and I got in the next day and I was like, ‘Holy cow, what do I do?’ I had black hands for the finale of Dancing With The Stars. So Julie Nostrand [the show’s resident spray-tanner and Murgatroyd’s partner for Peta Jane] and I scrubbed it, nail buffed it — a team of like, 11 makeup artists helped me get it off. You’ve got to be very careful with the fingers and the cuticles.“

…Which is why she’s creating a fool-proof product that’s easy for anyone to use.
“We wanted to create something that was more for the everyday woman. Because I have dry and sensitive skin, I wanted to create something that was also moisturizing, and the bronzing oil will do that for your skin. I would always have mishaps of not putting on enough moisturizer on my elbows and knees, and I’d always get that cracked look – it’s the worst thing to get the tan lines and the cracked look on your skin. That was the hardest thing for me to get rid of.”

She’s created two products: a bronzing oil and a self-tanning mist
“We started out with the bronzing oil. It gives a beautiful glow to the skin, but it’s completely dry. I didn’t want anything to come off on clothes. It’s wash off. You can put it on for a night out – you can wash it straight off. I put it everywhere when I go to events, legs arms shoulders everything.”