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  • Tahitian Tan Liter

    Tahitian Tan is the most sought after spray tanning solution in the world. Contains 9% DHA and provides an ideal tan for all skin types. The mahogany color guide offers immediate, beach-beautiful color! Fast drying, non-sticky, cucumber-melon scent, paraben-free. Our solutions are made fresh and[…]

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  • Natural Solution Liter

    Formulated for the discerning client, our premium All Natural Solution does not contain alcohol and is best for those with dry skin. With 9% DHA, this solution is compatible with all skin types & produces the same flawless results as our Tahitian Tan Solution. 98% natural, unscented, paraben-free. Our[…]

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  • Fiji Express Liter

    Fiji Express Two Hour Tan has 13% DHA and the same fabulous color as our other solutions, but with the convenience of showering in 2-3 hours. Alcohol-free and ideal for all skin types. 98% natural, citrus scent, paraben-free. *Note: It is imperative that the client is[…]

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    Tan Today/White Tomorrow is an unscented, DHA-free solution with cosmetic bronzer. Perfect for providing temporary color or as a training solution. Will wash off with the first shower.[…]

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  • Bali Bronzer

    Widely used on Hollywood sets and in the fitness industry, Bali Bronzer is a spray tan solution additive for achieving darker, instant color. These cosmetic drops do not contain DHA and will wash off with the first shower.[…]

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  • Liquid Gold

    Add a little sparkle to your developing spray tan with Liquid Gold Shimmer Drops! This solution additive is cosmetic and will wash off with the first shower.[…]

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